Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir is an Icelandic visual artist and musician. She graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2005, with a B.A. degree in Fine arts. Since graduation her work has mostly been focused on videos, performances and installations, frequently using music as a central factor in her work. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions and art related events in Iceland as well as her work has travelled considerably and has been shown in about 30 countries around the globe. Apart from working as an artist, her twin passion is music and since her early twenties, she has been singing and performing with numerous bands and musicians. The last years however she has been focusing on producing her own music and is soon to release her first solo album under the artist name Prince Heka as well as working on an acoustic project when time allows.

Unnur Andrea is currently living and working in Berlin.


I am interested in the absurdity, intensity and the hilariousness of the human experience. I am intrigued by the fact that what we see as the outside world is nothing but our brains interpretation and attempt to decode and dissect the light particles that in time and space appear to us as a solid, consistent reality. Our physical senses are responsible for delivering and deciphering these messages turning our bodies into somewhat of an information transmitting machine or simply a particle filter made of flesh. Inspired by these ideas, my work often touches on psychological, social and metaphysical topics and the lines between our personal universe and outside shared reality of the external one. These ideas extend also into how humans relate to machines and intangible global networks that dominate not only the course of our lives but also the shaping of our personal identity vs. global identity.





2001                 Graduated from the Language Department in Fjölbrautaskólinn í Garðabæ, Iceland.

2005                 Graduated with a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.




Solo exhibitions


2006                 Gallerí Dvergur, Reykjavík.

2008                 Melanincholia, Gallery Lost Horse, Reykjavík.

2016                 One is on, Skaftfell art center, Seyðisfjörður


Group exhibitions


2003                 Dauðastríðið, Gallerí Nema Hvað, Reykjavík.

2004                 Dagskrá, Gallerie Public, Paris.

 2005                Graduation exhibition from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Kjarvalsstaðir, Reykjavík.

2005                 Grassroad, annual exhibition with upcoming icelandic artists, The Living arts museum, Reykjavík.

2006                 Islandia, KBB- Kultur Buro Barcelona.

2006                 Selfportrait- a show for Bethlehem- a show for Peace, Al Kahf Art Gallery, Bethlehem, Palestine.

2006                 The End, Sequences Festival, The Living Arts Museum, Reykjavik.

2006                 Official opening of the Lost Horse Gallery, Lost Horse Gallery, Reykjavik.

2007                 Sequences – Real time art festival, Lost horse Gallery, Reykjavik.

2008                 Get Reykjavík- art and music festival, Ó. Johnson og Kaaber húsið, Reykjavik.

2013                 Remake- rethinking media art in collaborative environments, Brno House of Arts, Brno, Chech Republik.

2013                 Persistence is all, Jonatah Manno´s camper project, Berlin.

2015                 DOMA Art Festival, fridge factory MRAZ, Sofia.

2015                 Villa Incognito, curated by Deli Projects, Villa Renata, Basel.

2016                 RÍKI- flóra, fána, fabúla, Reykjavik Art museum, Reykjavik.


Individual performances


2003                 A certain turbulence performance festival, the Reykjavík Art Museum.

2005                 Garnival, in association with Reykjavík Culture Night, Reykjavík.

2005                 Guest performance at the exhibition We love Iceland, The Living Arts Museum, Reykjavík.

2006                 Guest performance at Hulda Rós Guðnadóttirs exhibition, Kron Kron, Reykjavík.

2009                 Til eru hræ, performance series, Kling and Bang, Reykjavík.

2010                 Moments of Joyful Degradation, Kling and Bang in collaboration with Villa Reykjavík.

2013                 Performance at the opening of Dóttir Dóttir pop up store, Berlin.

2014                 Manisensations- performative event ritualisation, LEAP Gallery, Berlin

2015                 Performance/ Installation, Gallery Credo Bonum, DOMA Art Festival, Sofia.   

2015                 Nachtelijke Dwaling #6 Melanie Bonajo, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

2015                 It´s there but it isn´t- reading your future, Villa Renata, Basel.

2016                Sound performance with Helmut Geldmacher, opening at Keep Frozen by Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir, Leipzig. 


Residencies / Workshops/ Etc:


2011                 Workshop provided by Local A, focusing on discussion and project development, in association with Gallery Lost Horse, Reykjavik.

2016                 Residency at Kunstnarhuset Messen, Norway 

2016                 Residency at Skaftfell art center, Iceland 


Film/ Video festivals and other screenings (selected)


2004                 Manzanilla Rooms, Sesión de audio y video”, video festival of the Manzanilla art group in Mau mau underground Barcelona.

2006                 Apocalypse Lauw, Worm, Rotterdam, Holland.

2006                 Sound and Vision from Reykjavík, The Tank, New York.

2006                 Reykjavik in Teknacolor- Film- screenings and video installations, Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavík.

2006                 Gender Identity, Cologne Off - 1st Cologne Online Film Festival, Videochannel, Cologne, Germany.

2006                 Taste of Iceland Film Festival in Philadelphia, Ritz at the Bourse, Philadelphia, USA.

2006                 Image vs. Music, Cologne Off - 2nd Cologne Online Film Festival, Videochannel, Cologne, Germany.

2006                 PI 5 Video Festival, National Museum Szczecin & Officyna Art Space, Szczecin, Polland.

2006                 Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas de Rosario,  Argentina.

2006                 8th CHROMA - Festival de Arte Audiovisual, Guadalajarra, Mexico.

2006                 MAC  - Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina.

2006                 Casoria- Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy.

2006                 Unicorn kryptonite”, enView gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

2006                 Simultan 02; International Experimental video/ sound Festival, Csiky Gergely, Timisoara, Romania.

2006                 NIVAF - Nagano International Video Art Festival, Nagano, Japan.

2007                 Package Deals presents: Cold hearts – Touring exhibition, U.S.A, South America, 2007             

2007                 MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art, Rosario, Argentina.

2007                 India International Centre, New Dehli, India.

2007                 Futureshorts Film Festival, Andrejsala, Riga, Latvia.

2007                 Arnheim Fashion Biennal, Arnheim, Holland.

2007                 Package Deals presents: Cold hearts - Tour: Scandinavian House, New York.

2007                 Slowtime 2007 - Quicktime as an artistic medium, Videochannel, Cologne, Germany

2008                 Digital Art Festival, Rosario, Argentina.

2008                 Art DEFORMES- Biennial of Performance, Galería Ojo de Buey, Chile.

2014                 Pizza suicide TV- video broadcast, Tannenbaum, Berlin.

2015                 Algera Studio event, Secret Solstice Festival, Reykjavik.

2015                 Cinémathèque de Toulouse, Toulouse, France. 

2016                One minute video project- www.theheoneminutes.org, Sandberg Instituut, Masters of Art and Design in Amsterdam, Holland.