Melanincholia - Opening performance
Gallery Lost Horse 
Reykjavik, 2008

Melanincholia 3
Video, 2008


Melanincholia 2
Video, 2007


Melanincholia 1
Video, 2008



When a ray of light shines through a crystal it reflects the entire color spectrum.

Albinos suffer from photosensitivity. Their lack of colour causes an inability to filter out any excessive light. This is amplified sensitivity. It is a solitary existence in the absence of light. The sun, the source denies you. It greedily eats your skin and increases its gentle warmth to the point of burning. It stabs its rays deep into your sore, gradually swelling eyeballs and burns its way through the crystal lens. It dries up your vision, painting your world black. When you are alone you are nothing but the sounds of your body. Nothing else. It's a torturing awareness. Vessels compose organic symphonies as they smash into the inside walls of your veins. The noise of splashing fluids scrapes the surface of your eardrum, painfully pierces, bends, streches.

Solitude amplifies the ache of your most vital organ. Progressively pumping more pain, beat by beat. Aggressively forcing more and more blood through fragile veins, cruelly challenging their strength. The blood eventually bursts through. Tissues are torn apart, intestines disolve, sinews disperse in this fatal explosion of the nervous system.

We all long for fusion.

Gallery Lost Horse: