The darknet spa

Gallery KiT, Trondheim, 2017

To illustrate the “geographics” of the internet the terms surface web, deep web and dark web are often used to explain the different levels of accessibility and encryption. In Freud´s model of the human mind, he categorises three levels of consciousness; the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Although simply a technology, the darknet has in the mainstream earned the reputation of being a preferred operating platform for various illegal activities such as drug trafficking, organisation of terrorist groups and the distribution of illegal pornography. The Darknet spa is a guided meditation session intended to give the audience access to the subconscious of the hive mind, revealing hidden fears and repressed elements in our collective psyche.

Manisensations - Performative ritualisation

Leap Gallery, Berlin, 2012

Sound performance with Helmut Geldmacher

 Opening event of Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir´s Keep Frozen, Leipzig, 2016

The fashion shaefer award Performance at Dottir Dottir Pop-up store / Presenting design from Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands 

Berlin, 2012

Lagerfeld and designer Eyglo discussing elitism and fashion authority. Make up by Sada Leigh.

The shaefer award pop quiz

EGYLO: Hello everyone and welcome to our celebrity pop quiz! Great to see you all here today. Our guest today is no other then the legendary fashion icon Kaaaarlll Lagerfield!!
EYGLO: Welcome Karl and thank you for being with us. So what do you think of Icelandic fashion today?
KARL: so and so…
EYGLO: So are you ready for the first question?
Singer Adele recently went through a weight loss program where her diet consisted of cucumbers, water and chili. How much weight did she loose?
KARL: 24, 5 kg.
YAMAHA: Holds in button 8 and presses button 7 a few times.
EYGLO: That is correct!! Claps.
EYGLO: In one of Lionel Richies most popular songs he sings about a “special feeling” encouraged by dancing on a “special” surface. What is the surface he is talking about?
KARL: hmmmm….. The roof?
EYGLO: WRONG! it was the ceiling!
EYGLO: in 2007 sylvester Stalone fell into severe depression and didn´t leave his Hollywood mansion for three months. What was the cause of the depression and what methods did he use to work his way out of it?
KARL: I don’t know. I want to call Lindsay.
We call lindsey she doesn’t pick up.
We call Ralp Macchio, the actor from karate kid:
RALPH: One night He had been watching the making of of cliffhanger and notices that in one of the behind the scene shots he has his zipper open in a close up. The DVD had already been distributed all around the Usa and asia and it was too late to do anything about it. The very same night his dog “awesome victory” had been driven over by a forklift.
EYGLO: And how did he recover from the depression?
RALPH:hot yoga
EYGLO: that is correct!!!
Eyglo gives Karl the fashion Scheffer!

Random religion

Domains of joyful degregation- performance event as part of the VIlla Reykjavik Art Festival 

Reykjavík, 2011